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Satya Abadi Visimed (SAV) is one of Distributor in Indonesia who combined integrated Medical Equipment and Laboratory Products. Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way—by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. We explore for, providing the customer’s need of High Medical Technology as well as High Microbiology Products effectively & efficiently.

Company Roots

We begin the trace our beginnings to an 2011 discovery as Distributor of Pharmaceutical products i.e. Satya Abadi Pharma which expand to be a Distributor of Medical Equipment and Laboratory Products in 2012. This new Medical Equipment and Laboratory Product’s Distributor is then called as Satya Abadi Visimed. Although both of companies are brand new, we are confidence as part (Sister Company) of one of large Pharmaceutical Industry in Indonesia i.e. Graha Farma.

Established in 1988, PT Graha Farma or well known as PT Graha Farma is a developing pharmaceutical industry. For almost two decades, PT Graha Farma have succeeded in widening distribution network throughout Indonesia.

To carry out it’s production activities, a new factory outside the existing factory is built, located at Kaliwuluh village, Kebakkramat District, Karanganyar for about 50.000 sqm width. The manufacturing and production process are as per International GMP Standards

There are 4 (four) diversify Companies of Graha Holding in order to answer the global market demand of wellbeing and quality of human life through medical, healthcare and laboratory products, i.e. :

  1. Local distribution for health-care products i.e. PT Osadha Graha Sejahtera
  2. Worldwide distributor for well-known pharmaceutical i.e. PT Satya Abadi Pharma
  3. Worldwide distributor for advance high technology of Medical equipment and microbiology products i.e. PT Satya Abadi Visimed

Defining moments in the history of PT Satya Abadi Visimed

Eventhough PT Satya Abadi Visimed is a brand new Company, it came from a well-known Pharmaceutical Industry . Let’s take a tour through the history of PT Satya Abadi Visimed and describe the most important milestones in its past :

  • 2012 : PT Satya Abadi Visimed established
  • 2011 : PT Satya Abadi Pharma established
  • 2007 : Start business license product
  • 1996 : PT Osada Graha Sejahtera established
  • 1994 : Get GMP License
  • 1988 : Mr. Soesatijo Jusuf started with PT Graha Farma Pharmaceutical Industry

To achieve as a shining brighter high above star, we determine
who we are, what to do and what we believe.
It leads us to a common understanding not only for those of us who work here, but for all who interact with us.


“Being a prominent company in marketing and distributing high quality products of medical equipment, laboratory preparation and instrumentation”

“S T A R S” Mission

Synergizing the potentiality of qualified human resources and products for sustainable company growth and development

Trustworthy to build and to maintain relationship with business partner

Actively provide the company with excellent service for customers satisfaction and loyalty

Realizing the commitment of company to enhance the welfare of employees, shareholders & stakeholders

Solidarity performing of company to bring positive impact on the environment

Punctual good delivery is one of the key factors to satisfy the Customer. To meet this challenge, we spread out our distribution nation-wide by cooperating with reliable Local Distributor.

Our coverage areas are big cities in Indonesia as below :

PT Satya Abadi Visimed

Satya Abadi Visimed (SAV) is one of Distributor in Indonesia who combined integrated Medical Equipment and Laboratory Products. learn more > >

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